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The Rock Guitar


striated PA blue stone

40 lbs

This is sort of a culmination of 'love's'... music, art, rocks, revolutionary thinking and so I just did it. At some point I thought this HAS to be the heaviest guitar, in the World.  So I sumbitted to Guiness Book an idea for a new category, but they are still processing it and well lets just say I dont have my fingers crossed. Motivated after a neighbor's teen age son made a 4 string cigar-box electric guitar inspired by a version Jimi Hendrix crafted when he was a youngster. It hit me, "make a rock electric guitar" It made so much sense in it's insane nature. 'Why would you do that?'...screams from its frets, through its pick ups, reverberating through a stone that 'IS' the Earth.Then I found a Gibson guitar on Craig's list which I used as a template, then I disected it and like Dr. Frankenstein surgically sewed it all back together and finally running electric volts through it. It was really total luck to get the correct resonance and I am thrilled it sounds so great when played, a very unique sound! We hope to show the Rock Guitar at the American Art museum in Baltimore. I play the opening leads on it on one of my songs I recorded, and Stu Benjammin from Jarvice Jenkins Band played slide on it, onstage at Tall Gary's Pub in Asheville NC. This peice oozes creativity and daring imagination on a level few can even conceive, it's art's gift, that keeps on giving! Only if you have something to offer, of course?

Currently Available: $25,000


shipping additional

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