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Coral Moai One



12' tall x 5' wide

12 tons= 24,000 lbs.

This is one of many '2012 tribute' pieces done this year!! A celebration of the winter solstice and the celestial knowledge of the universe left in 'stone' and the only reason we even know that they 'knew', or even the fact we know at all, is because it was left in 'stone'! This is an Easter Island Moai head, one of many ruins in stone that are in physical alignment with our cosmos. The piece was inspired on the sheer size and similar elongated shape of the Easter Island statues themselves, and a 'life-like' recreation seemed fitting, this year!The reason this piece was left sitting in the back of Chris's stone yard was the fact it was too big to move with any heavy loaders on site. A crane had to be called in to move it. The piece of coral this size was a financial and labor intensive commitment, to put it lightly! It was sliced at the very bottom, sat up with a giant crane, carved in place with chopsaws first, then hand hewn, grinders for touch ups, Then a betina was applied that consisted of egg yolks, buttermilk (cultered), and yogurt. This is to allow for the natural enzimes that foster algee-moss growth. After the humid environment and relentless south Florida rains continue over time, the Moai head one day will be totally covered in moss, and will appear like a 'Chia' plant.*This is a huge piece of coral, from Florida City, the same mines that lent to the construction of the famed 'Coral Castle'. Left over from past excavations no longer allowed by state regulations and environmental legislation, this is the 'last of of it's kind, in this area!

currently availble- $5500


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