Lion King Sculpture

Dec 13 2012

This stone sculpture is one of Iain's latest sculptures made from local Ashville, NC granite.  This interesting  art work piece was inspired by the shape of the rock  that Iain located.  It would be ideal as a garden sculpture  and also great in your home or perhaps a hotel or restaurant foyer.  No creation of Iain's is the same!!

it is available for sale

Tribute to Quitting

Dec 13 2012

This garden sculpture is the latest of Iain's sculptures.  The  inspiration for the cigarette in the  stone sculpture is a tribute to Iain's  success in quitting the smoking habit. This picture shows the work in progress and the stone dust hides the beauty of the stone.     Take a look at the next picture. Contact  Iain at          

Granite fish pond sculpture with blue glass eye

Nov 17 2012

This view of the sculpture shows the body and the tail of the fish. Iain has  drilled a hole through the piece in preparation for the fountain. You can also see the setting of the pond with the boulders surrounding it. We will show you pictures of it working when the project is finished. iain loves doing this kind of work which is suitable not only for outside areas but interior gardens or spaces.

Granite Blue eyed fish fountain sculpture

Nov 17 2012

Iain is in the process of finishing this commissioned rock center piece of the garden pond his customer is creating.  The granite he found locally in Ashville, NC and he had a local glass artist create the eyes for the fish.  We will post another picture as the project progresses.   Iain will travel to create commissions for your special piece.

Fish relief sculpture from florida coral

Sep 24 2012

This conversation piece could well be used as a house address number marker . The fish motif conjures up tropical feelings. Perfect for your beach house, around your swimming pool or in your garden.

Be sure to contact us if you are interested.

Glass Puma Warrior

Sep 24 2012

Polished green glass head sculpture standing 24 inches high. It is truly a 360 degree piece as you can see the face through the glass from behind creating a unique work of art.  Just finished - this art piece would enhance any room or even a landscape garden.

The inspiration for this sculpture comes from Iain's travels through the ancient Peruvian ruins.

Available immediately.  Please contact us if you have any interest.

The King Lives - elvis in stone

Aug 27 2012

Small alabaster head depicting the King of Rock-n-roll. One of a kind piece. Place it  next to your Elvis memorabilia.  Priced at  $500.


Tribute to Mayan Culture - new sculpture

Aug 27 2012

Large, 5 ft tall, striking centerpiece for your exotic garden. More information will be posted soon. If you are interested or a similar piece , contact us soon.


Easter Island style head sculpture progress video

Aug 19 2012

Here is Iain grinding down his newest sculpture which is an Eastern Island inspired Moad head.  This coral sculpture is created with aging in mind.  Plant life will grow in the crevises of the coral creating a dramatic aging effect.  This piece is now completed (and for sale) on display at Yardco Rocks in Boyton Beach, Florida.


Egyptian Inspired Custom Landscape Sculpture!

Aug 19 2012

Iain was inspired by the natural shape of this local (to Maryland) quartz crystal stone. As soon as he saw it he knew there was a face of an Egyptian Pharaoh to be exposed.  The detailed headpiece took many hours to complete as this is such a difficult rock to work with.  The piece is significantly enhanced by running water over the sculpture.  This bold sculpture would be a great center piece for any garden or even to a create a dramatic element to a entryway.


World's largest freestanding polished crystal point!

Aug 19 2012

This was just installed the other day! It's the world's larges polished free standing crystal point. With a unique natural 7 sided matrix and a faceted tip. It's so smooth, like glass, vitrified to a point, that it practically glows. I'm very proud of this one.


Come See the Newly Remodeled Studio!

Aug 16 2012

The newly remodeled studio is finished! It's a comfortable space for me to work and display some of my recent sculptures. It's amazing what focused lighting can do to really set off a piece. The studio is an environment that exudes good vibes and pushes my creativity. Please stop by to see some of my recent work and get a tour: 13612 Jarrettsville Pike, Phoenix, MD 21131