Black Marlin Stone Sculpture for sale

May 15 2013

This 34" tall stone sculpture was carved from a 400 pound  basalt crystal column that was imported by The Yardco Company Store in Boynton Beach, Florida and transported to Maryland by Iain.  It is exquisitely detailed and perfectly balanced. This scultpture would look great displayed indoors as a center piece.  contact iain if you would like to know more about how it was created or where to see it.   $15,000

Black marlin stone sculpture back view

Mar 20 2013

Another point of view of the marlin making a vertical breach from the rough sea. Black marlins are the biggest marlin in the ocean, surpassing blue and white marlins in size. This rock art will glisten black in the light once its polished. It's jumping out of the Black Sea?

Black Marlin Stone Sculpture

Mar 20 2013

This sculpture is a commission piece Iain is working on. It shows a black marlin making a vertical breach.  He is planning on doing more detailing and polishing. This stone sculture will be used as a interior center piece. It is  30 inches  high and is created from a basalt crystal.

"Edgar" stone sculpture association with The Baltimore Ravens

Feb 17 2013

 Iain has "Edgar" standing on what appears to be a football. This is a tribute to Edgar Allan Poe and the Baltimore Ravens Football Team.

"Edgar" back view of the stone sculpture

Feb 17 2013

This picture shows the detail of the feathering on the back of  " Edgar".

"Edgar" stone scultpture

Feb 17 2013

"Edgar" is a  sculpture of a raven inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's poem" The Raven".  Iain has almost finished this piece. He has spent hours perfecting  the fine details of the feathers and has started the polishing process. The black  color of the stone is exposed by the grinding and  polishing process. Iain has left a small band of the natural cleft face on the base of the sculpture for comparison of the outside to the inside. He is ready to start on Allan this week.

This stone sculpture is very suitable for inside display and is for sale. Please contact Iain if you would like to know more information.

Edgar is taking shape

Jan 10 2013

This is a different view of the base, feet and feathers. Iain is very excited about doing this series of stone sculptures.  They will be ideal  as garden scultures or would go well indoors.

Edgar Sculpture progress

Jan 10 2013

Here you can see more detail work being done to the Raven's feet, the feathers and the base. 

Edgar stone sculpture in progress

Jan 10 2013

Notice that Edgar is white at this time. One the stone dust is removed and the piece is polished it will be a smooth black. the next pictures will show the progress of the base and feet .

Before picture of Stone used for Edgar

Jan 10 2013

Iain is planning a series of three stone sculptures depicting Ravens.  He is using  Basalt Crystal columms.  They are to be named Edgar, Allan and Poe , honoring Edgar Allan Poe, a Baltimore icon. This is the before picture of one of the columns.

Tribute to Quitting

Dec 21 2012

This picture shows the finished sculpture after the stone dust is removed.  The natural beauty of the sculpture can now be seen. This stone weighs almost 500 pounds. It is a unique piece that can  be be displaed in your home or out in your garden.  Iain enjoyed making this work of art and attibutes the idea of the hand to his son who does amazing clay sculptures of his own. He creates figurines by moulding from nothing and Iain creates his work by removing stone away and exposing the piece. One cannot do what the other does.


Petrified Wood Sculpture

Dec 13 2012

Iain found a piece of petrified wood a few months ago and created this head inspired by the Mayan culture. It is a unique sculpture that would look great in that special place. It would be great as a garden sculpture.

It is available for sale.           Contact Iain at