Iain McDonald

Iain McDonald the rock artist


Iain Grant Kirk McDonald, was born in New Zealand August 3rd 1972 . When he was 6 he moved with his family to the East Coast of the United States, where he stll lives. 

Iain's grandmother was a respected New Zealand water colorist who encouraged Iain to paint and draw.   The natural geographic beauty of his birthplace has certainly  influenced his art work and now his sculptures. 

 He made stone masonry his career ,  creating walls, steps, patios, fireplaces and outdoor fire pits and feartures.    If the client was willing he added his artistic flair to  the projects. 

A 2009 visit to Machu Pichu, Peru, fueled a desire to further develop artistry in stone.  Encouraged by home owners, contractors and custom commissions, Iain has found his occupational love and niche.  From 15 foot tall Moai heads to custom landscaping inlays and even a working “rock” guitar - Iain does it all..


As he says " If you can dream it, I can build it".


Hear Iain's Newest Song!

"As Good Love Came Good Love"
Featuring "The Rock Guitar"

Heather Banks- vocals
Iain McDonald- rhythm guitar, song writer